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You might think that, in these days of higher life expectancies, turning 40 might be a non-event. You would be wrong. Even though it’s barely halfway home on the highway of life (barring a million unforeseen circumstances), turning age 40 is traumatic because:
40 sucks lollipop

  • You are no longer “young,” using almost any commonly accepted definition of the word;
  • Young people think you are lame, while real grownups consider you just out of diapers, and neither group is interested in anything you say; and
  • You are quickly running out of available life options, including those in the areas of careers, mates, and goal-fulfillment.

Gold-diggers and old-age fetishists might be sexually interested in 40 year old men, but normal hot women are not. On their side, 40-year old women understand that they are officially stuck with the sloppy schlub they managed to coerce into a relationship before their age catastrophe occurred. And if there is no schlub in the picture yet, only the ancient and infirm will be interested in a 40-year-old woman.

If you spotted any ridiculous stereotypes in these statements, congratulations. You have the ability to plan a fun 40
th birthday “Over the Hill” party for your friend or relative.

In addition to being able to effectively communicate the concept that age 40 is really, really old, your Over the Hill party will need:
40 party bag

  • Decorations and favors that support the Over the Hill theme
  • Appropriate and delicious food, drinks and deserts
  • Fun games and activities
  • Over the Hill-type gifts that make everyone laugh.

You will also need to know how to avoid the most common fun-damaging dangers of Over the Hill parties.

Luckily, you are already in precisely the right place to accomplish all of these goals, so let’s get started.

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