Food and drink

Honestly, there isn’t a lot you can do with the refreshments to emphasize the indignities of turning 40. Pretending that he can only eat mush and strained carrots will work for a 50- or 60-year Over the Hill victim, but it doesn’t make much sense for a 40-year-old. Instead, serving some of his favorite dishes will heighten the party atmosphere and take some of the sting out of the sharper barbs you throw at him.

One or two over-the-top food jokes could work, such as a “prune punch” (using a purple-colored drink more palatable than prunes) or a “Jenny Craig” meal (surround it in multiple layers of plastic wrap). But put most of your mocking energy where it will do the most good, such as in the birthday cake!

Over the Hill Birthday Cake

This is your chance to really hit a home run, or at least a standup double, in your Over the Hill party planning. A great cake pleases both the birthday boy/girl and the guests, and gives everyone something to remember and talk about when the party is over. 

Your best online resources for Over the Hill party cake guidance are, which features photos and recipes, and Over the Hill Cake, which will help focus your creativity. 

For example, Cake Ideas recommends that you keep “CATFWP” firmly in mind as you create your wundercake. This means the cake should be:

• Clever

• Appropriate

• Tasty

• Filling

• Well-made

• Presentationally appealing

It’s the first two requirements that throw most party planners. Being clever AND appropriate is harder than it looks. A sure way to know that you have failed is if you answer “yes” to either of the following questions:

Does my cake (idea) involve a morbid fascination with death?

Does my cake portray feces, toilet bowls, or any other symbols of bowel evacuation?

Some say that we are too strict on these matters, and that death- or fecal-related cakes can hit high marks in cleverness and appropriateness. Wrong! You might think that you have an idea for just the right BM joke cake but you are incorrect. Your idea has already been tried and it was disgusting. 

Remember our list of things that prove that 40-year olds are really Over the Hill? That’s where your best ideas will originate because they will be right on target, depending on your victim’s specific weaknesses.

Here are some ideas right off the top of our heads. You will do much better.

A cake decorated with a lame text message, such as: OMG, Bob is 40! ROFLMAO LOL.

A Viagra-shaped cake

“Hairy” cake with a bald spot

Bulbous-belly cake, complete with navel

Cakes using themes from a movie or TV show from the guest of honor’s past

Cake message featuring a stupid expression that the victim overuses (e.g., “That’s what she said!”)

None of these ideas are true knee-slappers, but they could all work IF they are truly appropriate to your guest of honor. Keep the tone light but sharpen the concept until it seems perfect for your 40 year old.